Hello and welcome!

My name is Erika and I am the owner/creatress of The Yoni Yurt. The vision of The Yoni Yurt came to me almost two summers ago. The timing of it wasn’t lost on me as I was getting ready to embark on a long journey of reconnecting and reclaiming my feminine. Throughout the process it has awakened a desire to help other women to do the same.

The Yoni Yurt is a safe space for women to drop-in, connect with, and listen to the divine voice within. It is a safe space to awaken parts of our ‘self’ that have been asleep, to bring ourself back into our bodies, to the place we have long been taught to disassociate from: the womb. When a women becomes aware of her womb space and learns to inhabit Her, she then becomes aligned with her own natural rhythm within and can use this rhythm and cycle to fuel and create anything that she desires.

Through my own personal and continued healing with these modalities: the emotional and old trauma release, the clarity and understanding of the ‘why’ or the time alone to myself to just be and practice self-love; I felt the timing was ripe to offer these services to other women.

The Yoni Yurt mission is to:

  • Help women reconnect with their body: through yoni steams, pelvic floor health, and bodywork

  • Honor the moon cycle and how to best optimally support it: there is a perfect period and you can have it

  • Educate women (and younger women) on proper period care

  • Teach real sex education courses and basic female anatomy & reproductive systems

  • Support for mamas through preconception to postpartum care

The Yoni Yurt is the space to receive the womb care, the education, and support to tune in to our natural cycles as women. Once we recognize and see the patterns our individual cycles play in our life, we can then drop-in, listen, and adjust our outer world accordingly.

I sincerely look forward to meeting, working with, and honoring YOU!

With love,