Terms & Policies



To schedule an appointment click the ‘Book Now’ button and request a time and type of appointment.


I require 24-hour notice of cancellation. Given that things in happen in life that our sometimes beyond our control, I will give each late cancellation thoughtful consideration before requiring a deposit to reschedule. I am respectful and honor our time together and I expect that you do the same for me.


The Yoni Yurt currently share space with OM3 Body in the Gadsby building. If the door is closed/locked, it likely means we are with another client. Please take a seat on the chair or bench right outside the door and I will open the door and let you know when I am ready for you.


The Gadsby building in Portland, Oregon is located at 1306 NW Hoyt between NW 13th & 14th avenues. There are two entrances to the building. One is located by entering through Barista (on 13th Ave) and Hunt & Gather. This entrance has a ADA accessible elevator and ramp. The other entrance is by the sign for YoYo Yogi and has stairs that lead to the third floor.


If you are planning on steaming: there are a few precautions to note. I’ve listed them in the contraindications under the ‘Yoni Steam’ website but will also list them here. You cannot steam if you are: actively bleeding or on your menstrual cycle, if you are trying to get pregnant, have been inseminated and it’s after you have ovulated, if you are prone to spontaneous bleeding or two (2) periods a month, and if you are currently pregnant. Otherwise, all other indications and gynecological imbalances can be addressed. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about steaming. There is a lot of misinformation out there, and I encourage all women to do their individual research and inquiry. No question is a stupid question.