Pelvic Steaming Specialist & Holistic Pelvic Care™ Now Open in SE Portland

Welcome to the Yoni Yurt!

I have been dreaming of this moment for almost two years! Shocking to me that the time has come to birth this project into the world.


When I reflect back to when the idea of the Yoni Yurt became clear to me, it’s no wonder I’ve ridden a roller coaster of emotions to get to this point. Throughout these past few years, I’ve actively participated in self-realization, introspection, self-actualization, and have been involved in workshops with my mentor on awareness and perception. You see, I don’t think just anyone can do pelvic floor work, steaming including. Usually, in most cases, a practitioner experiences their own healing through the specific modality they have chosen to work with and then wants to share that feeling with others.

When I first went to school for massage, it was because I remember how good I felt after receiving bodywork. My need to be in service to others was fulfilled as I became a licensed massage therapist. I took Tami Kent’s Holistic Pelvic Care™ class after I had received multiple HPC sessions of my own that facilitated personal healing. Yoni steaming became a way to add ritual to my life as a busy, working mom of two young boys, supportive and loving partner, and to become a thriving business owner. It gives me a chance, once a week for 30 minutes (to an hour, I include a meditation for myself) to tune inward and be quiet. In a world that is so fast paced, this time to just BE, has become a refuge for me. It allows for feeling emotions, deep grief, loss, sadness, anger, happy, or contentment. It fills up my cup so that I can give myself more freely throughout the day to others. It’s this feeling, quenching that deep thirst, is what the Yoni Yurt offers.

What is the Yoni Yurt?

The Yoni Yurt focuses on women’s pelvic health and wellness. In addition to offering Pelvic (Yoni) Steams, I am trained in Holistic Pelvic Care™ as well as various modalities in massage and bodywork (including but not limited to MFR, Ortho-bionomy, CST, and Reiki). I’ve been licensed as an LMT in the state of Oregon for 12 years and maintain a private practice in SE Portland. The Yoni Yurt specializes in women (cis and those who identify as women) but also treats and accepts men (cis and those who identify as men) as well as the non-binary.

Pelvic steaming is becoming popular amongst males as it can help with symptoms associated with Prostate issues as well as Erectile Dysfunction. More on that later in a future blog post.

I look forward to meeting and working with you!



The Yoni Yurt will officially be open for clients starting October 27th.

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